Dak’s Spices

DAK’S is the kitchen of newlyweds Drew and Karen who love to cook.

Karen had been blending her own spices for years but had never thought about sharing her spices with others. When she met Drew, he fell in love with her and her cooking. He had the idea that she should offer her spice blends to others which was the start of DAK’s Spices.

Currently, DAK’s Spices offers a number of different spice blends.

Each spice blend is created with love in the kitchen of newlyweds, Drew and Karen.

All spice blends contain a unique combination of spices and are completely SALT FREE.

So much flavor is packed in one bottle, no other spices are necessary to make any dish gourmet

You will fall in love as we did with DAK’s salt free spice blends.




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